VERONA  15|18  04  2018

Enroll at Sol&Agrifood 2018

Did you attend SOL&AGRIFOOD?

Use your login and password to enter the confidential area.

Go to the Confidential Area of Sol&Agrifood

If you have forgotten them, contact us by e-mail .

Have you not attended SOL&AGRIFOOD before?

Go to PRE-REGISTRATION: fill out the pre-enrolment form, indicating your company name, some information about your company and the trade sectors of interest.

If your application is accepted, you will receive the login and password and all necessary indications for the compilation of the Registration Application.

Pre-registration at Sol&Agrifood
(for new exhibitors)

Sol&Agrifood Staff is at the complete disposition of clients for any further information or assitance concerning this new registration method. Call the Help Desk on 045/ 829 8343, 045/ 829 8328 or write