VERONA  15|18  04  2018

Traffic and Parking

Car parks
Sol&Agrifood exhibitors may use the following parking facilities:
  • Multipiano P4 in Viale dell'Industria, on the corner of Via dell'Artigianato

New regulations for car parking in the areas around the Exhibition Centre.
In the perimeter including Stradone Santa Lucia, Via Golosine, Via Po, Largo Don Giovanni Calabria, Via dell'Industria, Via Monfalcone, Via Centro, Via Volturno, Via Scuderlando, Viale dell'Agricoltura, Viale del Lavoro, Via Scopoli and Viale della Fiera parking is allowed with a time disk for one hour between 8.00 and 19.00. If parking time exceeds the one-hour limit, the Municipal Police will immediately remove the vehicle.
This regulation obviously does not include parking facilities on payment.

To reach the Exhibition Centre and return to the A22 and A4 motorways, the Municipal Police suggerist using alternative motorway exits to Verona Sud: Verona Est and Verona Nord are linked to the Exhibition Centre by convenient ring roads.