VERONA  15|18  04  2018

Useful information

Verona - Veronafiere - V.le del Lavoro, 8

Sunday 15, Monday 16, Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18 April 2018

Non-stop 9.30 - 18.00
From Sunday to Tuesday entry is allowed up to 17.00.
On Wednesday entry is allowed up to 16.00.

Daily tickets € 80 - online purchasing € 85
Repeat entry ticket 4 entries € 145 - online purchasing € 150

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Entrance conditions
In order to ensure the highest professional standards, Sol&Agrifood is open exclusively to adult trade operators: entrance is not allowed to persons under 18 years of age, even if accompanied.

Access is allowed to the following categories:
  • Large-Scale Distribution
  • wholesalers
  • import-export
  • food retailers
  • bars
  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • catering
  • wine stores
  • wine bars
  • sommeliers
  • wine technicians
  • wine technology producers
  • producers of olive oil and wine
  • the trade press
  • authorities
  • institutions
General regulations for visitors »

Visitors with certified disabilities
Free entrance tickets are also available for Italian or foreign disabled visitors provided that they have documentation certifying one of the following requirements:
  • persons with 100% disability
  • 80% - 100% Work-related disability (equated with 100% disability)
  • Category 1 Service disability (equated with 100% disability)
  • persons with total blindness or residual vision of no more than 1/10 in both eyes with possible correction
  • deaf persons.

ACCOMPANYING PERSONS: Only where indicated by legal documentation and in those cases where free entrance tickets are envisaged for persons with 80% - 100% disability (see list above) will free entrance also be granted to accompanying persons.

It is forbidden to bring dogs into the exhibition centre ("General regulations" Article 2.1.1 of Technical Regulations 2012) with the sole exception of guide dogs.
Access: Entrance gates with dedicated turnstiles. Specific bathrooms and restaurants on the ground floor: Goloso Restaurant, Restaurant Enolitech and Citadels of Gastronomy. The other restaurants are accessed by lifts. For specific transport requirements, contact service personnel available at all times in the Exhibition Centre.